2,100 Baht/Person

Price in THB (Thai Baht)

Available Weekends

Only available on Sat-Sun

Start time 9.00AM

Duration of 5–6 hours

25–30 kilometers

Approximate distance

Bangkok Floating Markets (Full-Day)

No matter whether you are a food lover or simply enjoy being out in nature, cycling to Bangkok’s traditional weekend floating markets is possibly the most fun and interesting activity you can do. On this full-day tour, we take you to some of the most traditional floating markets outside of Bangkok, away from the beaten tourist tracks. You will cycle along the canals (Khlongs), through local communities and to the countryside. From a long-tail boat you will get a very different perspective on how local Thai people live in this area.

We will start from Wat Arun (where our main office is located) and cycle through a labyrinth of small streets (Sois), along local markets and temples and discover different local communities. We will stop at the famous Artist’s House (Baan Silapin), a 200 years old wooden house in traditional Thai architecture and explore some of beautiful Buddhist temples along the way.

The first market we will visit is the Wat Sapharn Floating Market along the Bang Noi canal. It is the smallest of the three that we will visit and located within the compound of an ancient Buddhist temple that was destroyed by the Burmese army during the Ayutthaya period.

We will then cycle on to the Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market, which lies on the banks of the Lad Mayom canal. This market has a vast variety of Thai foods and delicacies and you will be able try out many of these foods – just think of noodle soups, Pad Thai, Moo Satay (grilled Skewered Pork in turmeric), Hoi Tod (oyster omelet) or Sumtam (Thai spicy green papaya salad), and there are many other dishes you should try.

The last market that we will visit is the Taling Chan Floating Market. One might be mislead by name ‘floating’ market, as it is located on the riverbanks. In fact, most floating markets in Thailand are now placed on riverbanks with only a few boats placed in the canal alongside the banks, on which Thai people cook and sell their food.

On the way back you will again explore different local communities and experience how different the way of life is on the other side of Bangkok.  We will also visit a local orchid farm and the Thonburi Locomotive rail yard, home to many traditional steam locomotives.


Tour Inclusive:

• High quality mountain bikes and helmets
• Boat trips through traditional ‘Khlongs’
• Traditional Thai food lunch
• Traditional Thai snacks and refreshments
• Experienced English speaking guide

Places Visit & Tour Highlights :

• Wat Saphan Floating Market
• Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market
• Taling Chan Floating Market
• The Artist’s House (Baan Silapin)
• Long-tail boat ride through local communities
• Orchid Farm
• Traditional Thai Buddhist Temples
• Thonburi Rail Yard (Steam Locomotives)
• Khlong Bang Luang Community